TINECO PURE ONE S15 PET EX Smarter Akkustaubsauger - Tineco EU
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Livraison gratuite dans toute l'Europe à partir de 9,99 €.
Livraison gratuite dans toute l'Europe à partir de 9,99 €.
TINECO PURE ONE S15 PET EX Smarter Akkustaubsauger - Tineco EU

TINECO PURE ONE S15 PET EX Smarter Akkustaubsauger


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  • ZEROTANGLE TM TECHNOLOGIE : Die speziell entworfene Bürste zielt effektiv auf Haarwickel ab und fängt die Haare ein, ohne sie zu verheddern, wodurch die Bürste noch einfacher zu reinigen und perfekt für Haustierbesitzer ist. Das Saugen von langen und kurzen Haaren ist jetzt ein Kinderspiel!
  • TINECO PURECYCLONE TECHNOLOGIE: Der PURE ONE S15 Pet Ex trennt Luft und Staub, um ein Verstopfen des Vorfilters oder einen Saugkraftverlust zu vermeiden und eine starke und gleichmäßige Saugleistung zu gewährleisten.
  • LÄNGERE LAUFZEIT: Der S15 PET EX bietet eine ununterbrochene Laufzeit von bis zu 80 Minuten (die geschätzte Laufzeit wurde von einem Tineco-Labor mit zwei Batterien und nicht motorisiertem Zubehör ermittelt), ideal für die Reinigung des gesamten Hauses. Er passt die Saugleistung automatisch an die erkannte Verschmutzung an und verbessert so die Reinigungseffizienz.
  • EIN-TOUCH-AUSLÖSER REINIGT DEN STAUBBEHÄLTER: Nie wieder mit Staub in Berührung kommen! Mit einem einfachen Druck auf den Auslöser werden Staub und Haare, die sich um den Filter herum verfangen haben, abgekratzt und direkt in den Staubbehälter geschoben.
  • FREESTND INSTALLATIONSFREIE LADESTATION: Keine Installation und kein Bohren erforderlich. Sie können das Gerät in die FreeStnd-Ladestation stellen und aufladen.

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Customer Reviews

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Top 👍👍👍

Der beste Akkustaubsauger, welchen ich je hatte. Er überzeugt auf ganzer Linie. Selbst aus der Matratze holt er alles raus. Ich bin absolut begeistert. Weiter so 😊

Stephanie J. Barnard
Love this cordless vacuum

I had to let my bi-weekly cleaning person go due to the cost. I am a retired senior and wanted a cordless heavy duty vacuum that was easy to maneuver. I had a great corded vacuum, but I hated dragging the cord around and it was so heavy. I was able to sell that one actually to my previous cleaning person. I did a LOT of research on the different cordless vacuums. All brands and models within each brand. This one got a lot of great reviews.
So for my 70th birthday, I put it out there that I wanted Amazon gift cards so I could purchase the Tineco Pure ONE S15 Pet Ex. I had a lot of very generous friends and it didn't cost me a dime! The vacuum is great. Right out of the box I loved it. I have 4 cats, one is long haired, so I use it almost every day to keep up with the cat hair especially now during "shedding" season. This is so much better than lugging out the corded one and lugging it around my condo and tripping over the cord. I live in a 1200 square foot condo with one wall to wall carpet and several area rugs. The rest is hardwood floors.
I have no issues with the battery running out before I am done. I do have the extra battery which I've only had to use once when I was doing "spring cleaning". Usually, I have more than 30% battery power left. It recharges quickly. It is great on hardwood floors as well as the carpets.
The only complaint I have is the location of the on-off button which is on the bottom of the handle where you grip it. Sometimes I hit it and it turns off. Getting used to staying away from the button while I vacuum. I understand the other popular brands, you have to hold in the button while you use it which I didn't want.
While it is much quieter than my corded one, my cats don't like it any better!
It is a little top heavy, but I guess all the cordless heavy duty vacs are. You have to make sure to prop it up against a wall while you move furniture, etc. or it will fall over.
I've used the motorized upholstery attachment to do my sofas and DR chairs. It worked well.
As you can see, it fits very nicely in my "cleaning" closet which has an outlet for my rechargeable tools.
I know it's a bit pricey, but if you can afford it, I would highly recommend it.

Lovely vacuum

So I have not had this long, if any of this changes I will update my review.
I absolutely LOVE this vacuum. I thought I had a really good cordless vacuum before this one and boy was I WRONG. This vacuum is a million times better. The suction power on this is amazing. I love that hair does not get wrapped in the brush easily as I shed like a husky and have cats who shed really bad. I use this on both carpet and hard floor. The amount of stuff this vacuum was able to get out of my carpets was both amazing and disheartening as I was unaware of how bad my old one was. I love the auto suction on this as well. The max power sure does run down the battery but it pulls so much up. The low power is great on the hard floors and does a fantastic job. I do have to say though that this is not that great when it comes to cat litter on carpet or hard floors. It does suck it up but also a good amount seems to spit back up to the top of the roller cover. It's not the worst thing and doesn't deserve this to be knocked down at all in rating, just something to keep in mind if you have a cat that likes to kick the litter out of the box. The lights on the front are great, that was a selling point for me as my old one had them as well. I have used the furniture tool thing and that is also really great. I used it on my couch and it pulled out stuff from my couch I didn't even realize was there. The extra battery is great. I both like and dislike that this only has a stand for charging. I like that it keeps everything in one spot, but I also really don't like that it's on the floor. I wish there was a mounting option for this but again, not something that brings down the rating of the product as a whole. All in all, this was a BIG purchase for me. I do not like to spend this much money on things, especially from online. But I am not disappointed in this purchase at all so far. It is worth the money.

This Guy
Best Stick Vacuum on the Market

After MUCH research I felt the Tineco Pure One S15 Pet Ex Smart (with an extra battery-$599) was by far the closest competitor to the Dyson V12 Detect Slim ($542) which is arguably Dyson's best stick vacuum, (yes, even better than the V15 Detect because it is their first and only vacuum that has an on/off button instead of a trigger you have to constantly hold down to operate, and it is lighter and quieter than the V15 and yet plenty powerful to do all your cleaning.)
So I bought both the Tineco S15 and the Dyson V12. If I had purchased an extra battery with the Dyson the price of the two would have been basically the same, with the Dyson being a little more.
Here is my breakdown of why I decided to keep the Tineco S15 and return the Dyson:
Dyson V12 Canister problems:
The biggest problem I had with the Dyson V12 was how hard it was to clean out the canister. Just simply pushing the lever down to eject the dirt wasn’t enough. My wife has long hair just past the shoulder and her hair would get caught with other debris in the upper portion of the filter chamber, the part that the lever is supposed to “scrape” past and push all the debris down and out of the canister. NOPE. It doesn’t work at all.
What's more, the Dyson V12 canister lever never once emptied the debris, and I couldn’t even reach it with my fingers to get it out, because it gets trapped beyond the section reachable by your hand. So, you have to eject the entire canister and remove it completely from the unit to truly clean it all out. Then, getting that canister to slide back onto the vacuum is not easy. You have to carefully align it just so and it takes a few tries. And to make matters worse, once you close it all up again you still have a few straggling hairs that are still hanging halfway out the seal flopping in the wind that catch your eye almost every time. It’s just a terrible system.
The Tineco S15, on the other hand, works flawlessly every time. It simply opens up and drops out the hair and debris and all the hair is pushed to the bottom. Its design is soooo much smarter and more effective. This issue alone was enough of a reason to skip the Dyson and keep the Tineco S15. But there’s a lot more…
Dyson V12 Cleaning head problems:
The next biggest issue I had with the Dyson is that I needed two separate heads to clean the hard floor and the carpet. They say the Dyson V12 motorbar is supposed to do both, but it really is not great for the hard floor and instead spits stuff around and is super noisy. I hated using it. The Dyson fluffy head with the laser was much better for the hard floor but couldn’t do anything else.
The Tineco S15 has one motorized cleaning head to rule them all…and it works great on carpet and on hard floors AND, like the Dyson motorbar head it's made with a special system to not allow hair to get caught in it. Although they are both supposed to self clean, only the Tineco S15 motorized head actually did it. The Dyson always had at least some hair caught in it. I was so impressed by the Tineco S15 head, it just works every time and all that hair goes up into the canister and then out in the garbage. Just brilliant.
And the wheels on the Tineco S15 head were also superior, it has nice big rubberized wheels that help you steer the vacuum easily and are quiet on all floors. The Dyson wheels are super small and hard plastic and noisy and look like they are going to break and start scratching my floors.
Also, although the Dyson fluffy head works nicely but you have to clean it with soap and water every month. The Tineco S15’s motorized head that works on all floors never needs to be cleaned. Another win for the Tineco S15
Dyson V12 Light problems:
Sure there is a laser on the Dyson fluffy head, but I’d rather just have a regular light because the laser makes everything look like dirt because it shoots across the floor illuminating any and all indentions or protrusions, any nicks in the hardwood would appear as dirt. This is super annoying because you can’t see what’s what.
With the Tineco S15 you get a nice set of LED lights across the front of the cleaning head so you can actually see the hard floor or carpet and discern for yourself what is dirt and what is not. And the Dyson V12 motorbar head doesn’t even have any light on it, so you never get to see into dark places on carpeted floors. Another win for the Tineco S15
Dyson V12 Storage problems:
The Tineco S15 has a free-standing base that holds the entire vacuum and can be put anywhere. It charges the battery that is in the vacuum itself when the vacuum is docked while at the same time charging a separate battery that is docked into the base. This is a brilliant design. You can essentially store your vacuum anywhere and don’t need to screw something into your wall all the while always having an extra charged battery for those long cleaning days. Even if you had an extra Dyson battery there is no way for you to charge them both at the same time. Another win for the Tin...