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Free shipping on all orders over € 9.99
Free shipping on all orders over € 9.99


The 2-year guarantee

Applies to purchases from authorized TINECO retailers. In accordance with the requirements described in this manual, the following conditions and exclusions apply.

The refurbished products are covered by the 6 month limited Tineco manufacturer's guarantee.


• Your TINECO device has a 2 year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects if it was used for private households in accordance with the TINECO operating instructions.

• This warranty provides you with all the manpower and parts required to ensure that your machine is in perfect working order during the warranty period, at no additional cost.

• This guarantee is only valid if the device is used in the country in which it was sold.

• In the case of quality-related guarantee claims, parts are replaced by available refurbished parts with the same value. These parts are thoroughly checked and overhauled. Otherwise new parts will be shipped.


TINECO is not liable for costs, damage or repairs caused by the following:

• Machines purchased from an unauthorized dealer.

• Careless operation or handling, misuse, abuse and / or insufficient maintenance or use that does not comply with the TINECO operating instructions.

• Use of the machine for other than normal household purposes, e.g. for commercial or rental purposes.

• Use of parts that do not correspond to the TINECO operating instructions.

• Use of other parts and accessories that were not manufactured or recommended by TINECO.

• External factors unrelated to product quality and usage, such as accidental water damage.

• Repairs or changes made by unauthorized parties or agents.

• Blockages or other dangerous material could not be removed from the machine.

• Normal wear and tear including normal wear and tear items such as clear container, belt, filter, HEPA, brush bar and power cord (or diagnosed with external damage or abuse), carpet or floor damage that is not as specified by the manufacturer.

• Reduction in battery discharge time due to aging or use of the battery.


• All implied warranties including those relating to your machine, but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of this warranty.

• The guarantee is only valid for the original owner and the original battery, transfers are not possible.

• This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that differ from region to region.

• The warranty may not apply in all cases depending on factors such as how the product is used, where the product was purchased, or from whom you purchased the product. Please check the guarantee carefully and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.


• If you have any questions, please contact TINECO customer service Email:
• To make use of your guarantee, please tell us your model name / number, serial number, date of purchase, order number, machine problem and your requirement.
• Please keep your proof of purchase such as purchase confirmation, order number, a safe place to make sure you have this information. To make a claim under our limited warranty, you may be required to provide your serial number, original proof of purchase with the date of purchase, and order number on it.
• All Work is carried out by TINECO or its authorized agency. All replaced defective parts become the property of TINECO.
• The service under this guarantee does not extend the period of this guarantee.