Tineco PURE ONE S12/S11/X/A11/A10 Series Wandhalterung Zubehör Halter - Tineco EU
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Free shipping on all orders over € 9.99

Tineco PURE ONE S12/S11/PURE ONE STATION PET/PURE ONE AIR/S15 Series Wall Mount Accessories Holder

  • Tineco wall mount accessory holder for PURE ONE S12, S11, X Series Smart cordless vacuum cleaner and A11/A10 Series cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Easy storage of all cleaning attachments: Each Tineco accessory holder comes with TWO adapters for your docking station, on both the left and right sides. You can easily attach attachments to it to save space and keep your attachments safe and in one place
  • Ideal for organizing attachments: You no longer need to waste time looking for every lost attachment because with the attachment organizer they are all in one place and in order.
  • Comprehensive compatibility: The Tineco accessory holder is fully compatible with the A10, A11, PURE ONE S12 series cordless vacuum cleaners.
  • High-quality design: Made of durable and high-quality materials and is easy to install without having to drill holes in the wall. Perfect for storing and organizing your vacuum cleaner and its accessories.
  • Firm and Secure: The Tineco accessory holder is designed to adhere firmly to the wall mount. You have 2 ways to install the wall mount accessory holder; either on the left or right side depending on your usable space. Once the adapter is installed, we recommend not mixing up the two adapters.

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